Are Chromebooks Good For Blogging in 2018?

Are Chromebooks Good For Blogging?

A question I asked myself when the postman came knocking this morning and handed over a slim cardboard box containing a little aluminium laptop-esque device with the word "Chrome" on its outer shell. I'm literally finding out the answer to this question in real-time as I'm writing this post. I suppose it's worth mentioning at this stage that not all Chromebooks are the same and they have varying specs which will allow for more functionality than others, however, blogging itself requires very little "grunt" and therefore the outcome should be the same regardless. I'm using the Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431 and so far so good. The keyboard feels pretty nice, it boot's up pretty quick and the screen is adequate but what does it actually do?

What is a Chromebook?

hromebooks are similar to laptops or ultrabooks only, rather than running Windows or Mac OS, they run a Linux-based operating system called "Chrome OS". The main differentiator between this and a more typical operating system, as found on those running Windows or Mac OS, is that they are predominantly cloud based. Chrome OS is heavily built around Google's Chrome browser and applications like Microsoft Office are replaced with links to Google's very own office suite; Docs, Sheets, Slides etc.

This cloud based nature means the Chromebook itself has, as a general rule, very little onboard storage and no "start up" programs to slow it down upon booting up. This quick boot time means you can go from having your Chromebook asleep in your bag to having it up and running and typing out a post within a matter of seconds. Clearly, this will be advantageous for anyone who literally only wants to use it for typing or running through documents - not so great for people who are looking for a new device to edit 4k video or rifle through 100's of RAW photo images.

Are Chromebook Good For Blogging?

Going back to the original point of this post, and, the reason you're even here reading this. Are Chromebooks good for blogging? Yes! Why?
I've been thinking about this question whilst I've been writing this post, and, many of what was written above was more a way of me testing out how well the Chromebook handles Wordpress and how easy it was to get photographs uploaded and into the article. Turns out it does it flawlessly. If you use Google Photo's on your mobile device, which I do, I can take a photograph on my phone and it will be on my Chromebook immediately in the integrated Google Photo's application. The images on this post were taken seconds before I began typing, quickly edited on my phone and then dropped straight in from the Chromebook interface.

As Chromebooks do very little processing themselves you will often find that battery life will be phenomenal. So, not only are they lightweight straight out the box, you can often go the whole day without needing to reach for a charger - one less thing to carry around and, to make it even better, you whip it out and be typing within seconds, as soon as inspiration strikes.
Depending on how you like to blog, you can either drop everything straight into Wordpress, or your respective blog host, as I do, or you can use Google Docs to write out your post in advance and have Google back up your work every few seconds, as well as the ability to have your friends edit and collaborate with you.

We live in a world which is very much "connected". The internet holds the keys to our future and, as time goes by, we're integrating and becoming more and more multicultural through our "digital lives". This is where the concept of Chrome OS shines for me. It does away with traditional methods and makes use of "web", the network which spreads across the globe and uses this to make a device which is slicker, smoother and more responsive than before. It understands that, for many of us, be it at home or at a local restaurant, will always have an internet connection handy - even if it means using our phones as a hotspot.

So, are Chromebooks good for blogs? They are. I would also go as far to say they are perfect for students with a lot of typing to do and anyone who just uses their current laptop for reading articles or online shopping. Just don't expect much more than that.

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