Are These Really The Funniest Break Up Stories?

By Shannon Matthews - January 19, 2018

Breaking up is never easy, in fact, it's awful, right? - Wrong.

I went out and asked people to tell me their ''funniest breakup stories." Honestly, I was expecting some kind of backlash like "breakups aren't funny.. yadda, yadda!" but honestly, I got some weird, wonderful and unexpected replies from real, anonymous people from all over the world.

Male, 18-20 years old from Lancaster, California

"Alright so my girl cheated on me but before she did we had a threesome with her little sister so when she cheated I broke up with her and I would have wild sex with her sister in her bed and she caught us once!"

Male, 21-25 years old from Unknown.

"Before I start, this girl was abusive so she deserved it. A road trip through the contiguous states. Get to Wyoming, middle of nowhere. We see a petrol station, she needs ''to go'' so we pull over and she goes in. By the time she comes out I'm probably 30 miles down the road, about 60 miles from the nearest town. I had the plane tickets home. She deserved it.''

Male, 30-35 years old From Unknown.

"My wife left me for a guy she had been cheating on me with for over a year at the same time his partner left him ( he was due to get married). They both went on what should have been his honeymoon holiday together, he then cheated on her, she doesn't know."

Female, 21-25 years old from Florida, US.

"My funniest breakup was when my ex decided to start tickling me, I said stop, he didn't listen and I let out the biggest fart of my life and the shock on his face had me roaring with laughter, then he dumped me."

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