Best Smartwatches For 2018

By Stewart Moore - January 30, 2018

We live in a connected world where keeping up-to-date with our peers is crucial for our business and social lives. The smartwatch makes this possible. A smartwatch is worn on the wrist, much like a normal watch, but allows you to receive all your notifications, calls, social alerts and even track your fitness without needing to reach for your mobile phone to do so.

With many different choices available on the market from big-name manufacturers including; Samsung, Apple, Sony, and Fitbit, it can be a bit of a minefield knowing which route to take in order to meet your needs. That's why we compiled this list.

Best Smartwatches For 2018.

Best For Fitness - Fitbit Ionic

Although being around much longer than this, Fitbit first gained major popularity in 2013 when it introduced the Fitbit Flex with the ability to be worn on the wrist and track steps and sleep. Fitbit has come a long way since then and its latest iteration, the Fitbit Ionic, see's the company move towards a device which can be considered a true smartwatch

The design may not be to everybody's taste, however, but what it lacks in style the Ionic makes up for in features with: 

  • Built-in GPS
  • Heart-rate monitor
  • Onboard storage for music
  • Multiday battery
  • NFC for contactless payments
  • Popular apps
Naturally, as a Fitbit should, the Ionic will still track sleep, calories burned, steps etc and sync with the Fitbit application as standard; only it's packed with so much more. The Fitbit Ionic runs the brand new FitbitOS and is ready to take on current market leaders and fight for its place within the best smartwatches of 2018. Shop FitBit Ionic.

Best For iOS - Apple Watch Series 3

If there is one thing Apple do well it's making a nice looking device, and the Apple Watch Series 3 is no exception. Although it looks identical to all previous models, the 3rd generation of Apple Watch is rammed full of features and perfect for all scenarios. Heading to the gym? Apple Watch has you covered. Out on a business meeting? Swap out for a steel band or a leather strap and you're away. Being an Apple device there is no shortage of applications and a there's a whole bunch of watch faces you can switch between to make the device personal to you. 

The latest generation Apple Watch contains:
  • GPS - perfect for tracking runs and hikes
  • Water resistance
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Inbuilt Apple Music - plus Bluetooth headphone capabilities
  • Cellular connectivity
The addition of a second sim card in the Apple Watch Series 3 means, for the first time ever with an Apple Watch, you can leave your phone at home and go about business, as usual, all from the control of your wrist. That means you still get all your notifications and can still make and receive all your calls and messages without needing to keep your phone nearby - perfect for the swimming pool! 

Best For Android - Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Probably the biggest rival Apple faces are Samsung. Whether it's with the new release of the next generation of the smartphone or whether it's a fancy new smartwatch one thing is for certain; Samsung will always be hot on the heels of Apple to produce an equally good, if not better, device - hence the lawsuits! The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is Samsung's answer to the Apple Watch. The device boasts a 4-day battery, water resistance, a heart rate monitor and built-in GPS (dependent on model). 

One huge advantage when choosing the Samsung Gear S3 is that it looks more like a traditional wristwatch, and, allows one to use any existing 22mm straps - the standard for most watches.  Despite it's launch being back in 2016, there is no doubt that the Gear S3 is one of the best smartwatches, still, in 2018. Shop Gear S3 Here!

Best Fashion Smartwatch - Hugo Boss Touch

Hugo Boss has been at the forefront of male fashion for almost a century and shows no signs of slowing down or leaving the game. Their new smartwatch, the BOSS Touch, see's the company bring nerdy smartwatch technology into the fashion industry and it does it in typical BOSS style. The Boss Touch watch has all the features you'd expect from a modern smartwatch. Running Android Wear 2.0, the watch is relatively stripped back in terms of features. Sure, it comes equipped with NFC for Android Pay and you'll have no problem getting your notifications through on this device but don't go expecting to be able to use this watch as your go-to fitness tracker as this is where it'll fall short for you. More of a modern day fashion accessory with a few bells and whistles than a fully featured smart device. It's bloody sexy though. 

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