My Girlfriend Dislikes A Close Family Member and I'm Soon To Propose, What Do I Do?

By Shannon Matthews - January 19, 2018

Hello Reader, 

This is never going to be a situation that's going to be easy, first things first; you need to ask your girlfriend why she doesn't like said family member and whether or not there is a way to resolve whatever the issue may be. Talk it out with her.

It's hard to really help you within this situation having not the whole story and not understanding fully what the problem is.

I assume that due to the fact you're going to propose to your girlfriend, then you adore her and think the world of her if your girlfriend loves you equally the same she should be willing to put asides any animosity towards your family member to make you happy.

We cannot choose our family members nor can we choose who we fall in love with. Only you will know truly what to do and what the right route to take will be.

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