PS4 Fans Now Have An Xbox One Style Controller - And It's Wireless!

Since it's release in November of 2013, the PlayStation 4 has dominated gaming across the globe - selling more than 70 million units - twice as many as the Xbox One. Despite being feature packed, one area in which the PS4 lacked was in the controller department. This isn't to discredit Sony's DualShock4, as this is an extremely well-made controller and a huge improvement over the DualShock3, but gamers demand, and deserve, more and, as for many, the Xbox One has a much more comfortable and natural button/stick layout.

We've had third-party controllers in the past such as the Nacon Revolution Pro and the Razer Raiju but they've been marketed as "pro" controllers and lack a wireless connection meaning cables across the living room; a no-go for keeping the missus happy.

Introducing the Hori Onyx. 

Image: PlayStation.Blog

The Hori Onyx is the first third-party controller, with an official license from Sony, to feature wireless connectivity, something which will most likely make this controller a huge success - particularly amongst Xbox One fans due to the familiar layout. 

The Hori Onyx is already on sale and is priced in the UK at £39.99. 

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