Top 5 Reasons To Start A Blog In 2018

By Stewart Moore - January 20, 2018

The internet is a wonderful place, or a horrible place, depending on the sites you visit.. that being said, one thing the internet is awesome at is providing opportunities for people to create something out of nothing. One of those "somethings" could be your own little blog. Not only is it a great way for you to vent and get things off your chest but if you're a pretty good writer theres a chance you may be able to make money blogging.

5. Self-Improvement

2018 marks the start of something special. The world seems to have started taking steps towards a generation of young adults who are fascinated by the concept of self-improvement. Not only are we a society obsessed with health and fitness, but we aren't afraid to take risks in order to provide a better standard of living and present ourselves with happiness.

Starting a blog is similar to having a diary. The obvious difference being that your blog is online for the world to view. That doesn't mean it can't be personal; you'd be surprised how many people actually show an interest in the blog content you choose to share. Use your blog to set yourself goals, record your day-to-day thoughts as you make it closer and closer. There is likely somebody else who shares the same goal and is interested in following your journey!

4. Relationships

Sometimes real life friends just aren't cutting it; it's not you, it's them. Having a blog means you can post about topics you're truly interested in and can speak passionately about it without having one of your disinterested friends yawning and switching off. The great thing about this is that other like-minded individuals who share this passion will likely stumble upon your blog and interact with you and have an interest in what you're sharing. Likewise, you'll likely fall down the rabbit hole and discover a whole plethora of new topics, similar to your own and form connections with people you'd never have met otherwise. All of this is made easier thanks to the internet and the domineering power of social media.

3. Make Money Blogging In 2018

Yep, it's true. There's a market out there waiting to throw cash in your lap just for posting your thoughts online. Ok, so it's not quite that simple. You have to create content which jumps out from the crowd and have a little bit of know-how when it comes to making sure your content gets seen. This means you have to optimise your blog for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - it's not as complicated as it sounds and there are countless tutorials on how to do this scattered across the internet. 

How much money can you make blogging? Seriously? How long is a piece of string! If you consistently post on your blog and manage to pull in good numbers of views and get accepted by an advertising agency such as GoogleAds you can earn some serious money - stand out from the crowd and offer something unique and you can quite comfortable live on the money you can make from your blog. The best part is you can start from nothing. You don't even need a computer. Using a website such as Blogger or Wordpress you can easily start a blog for free and manage it all from your smartphone. As your audience grows and your content becomes more and more popular you can then look at purchasing your own domain and you're flying. 

2. Improve Your Writing 

It may seem odd that this falls into a Top 5 list but, seriously, blogging forces you to be creative about what, and how, you write. If you create a lot of posts you'll start to notice yourself using the same phrases a lot and you'll become conscious of this and, because of this very reason, you will force yourself to generate new phrases and create much more interesting articles. It's a win-win. You're writing because you want yourself to be noticed and you're improving your writing which in turn generates more interesting articles and so the cycle begins. 

It doesn't stop with your blog though. You'll carry this new found vocabulary into your social circles and be able to hold yourself much more confidently in conversation. You'd be surprised how far this can take you. 

1. Because You Want To

You wouldn't be reading this post unless you wanted to convince yourself there was a good enough reason for you to begin blogging and, guess what, there is. You already want to start a blog! Or perhaps you have already started a blog and you needed a bit of motivation to keep writing? Either way, it lives inside you! This is what is known as "confirmation bias"; a psychological term which refers to how an individual will read articles to provide them with confirmation of what they already know or want to believe. Now get out there and get to it. 

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