Top 5 Trends To Take 2018 By Storm

By Stewart Moore - January 20, 2018

5. Functional Fitness
The fitness industry has experienced huge growth over the last few years and this trend isn't set to slow down anytime soon. The main difference for 2018 is that rather than fitness being centralized around fanatics it's set to become more mainstream with fitness playing a larger part in society than in previous years. Function fitness is set to be the biggest new trend for 2018, following in the footsteps of the increased popularity of CrossFit, functional fitness will see a movement of people come away from traditional bodybuilding style workouts and moving towards workouts designed to improve movement, increase fitness and be able to move our bodies in superhuman ways.

4. Healthy Coffees
Much like Matcha lattes rose in popularity throughout 2017, it looks as though the healthy coffee train hasn't finished just yet. Experts have predicted this trend of "healthy" lattes to continue to grow throughout 2018 with new fancy recipes such as beetroot powder, turmeric, and coconut milk. In fact, Costa Coffee has recently introduced their coconut latte which combines coconut milk with espresso and vanilla extract for a unique, different blend of flavors.

3. Intermittent Fasting
Whilst by no means not a new concept, intermittent fasting has been popularised by fitness experts such as Greg O'Gallagher (Kinobody). There are a handful of different methods of practicing intermittent fasting but one of the more popular is to create an 8-hour eating window and 16-hour fasted window. The idea is that you can still enjoy all the foods you love and eat big, satisfying portions without causing you to go over your caloric allowance for the day. Traditionally, this kind of diet would be dismissed by fitness experts who believed you needed to eat 8 times a day but this has recently been debunked and meal timing has been shown to be irrelevant.

2. Plant-Based Diets - VEGANISM
Whether it be due to eating healthy or for moral justification, vegan diets are predicted to see a huge rise in popularity throughout 2018. There are countless new companies working on creating plant-based products which replicate everyone's favorite cheese's and meats and we've already seen an increase in popularity soya based milk, almond milk and more. The good news is it's a much healthier way to live and you're guaranteed to get all the nutrients you need due to the increase in fruits and veggies; not to mention the fact you'll be doing your bit for the environment adopting this lifestyle!

Virtual reality technologies have come a long way in recent years, even as far as to the comfort of our living rooms thanks to Playstation VR (PSVR). Although not a huge amount of content out there previously, VR technology is set to rocket over 2018 with more and more releases set. We saw some popular games get remastered for virtual reality across 2017, Skyrim VR and Fallout 4 VR for example and this should continue throughout 2018. Of course, new technology is always on the horizon. One such technology is Tobii eye tracking. How will this help VR? Eye tracking will allow hardware to focus the highest detail and resolution to the area in which the eye is looking - much like in real life, as we look towards something our eyes will adjust to focus. It means natural targetting - using our eyes to look down the scope of a gun and get pin point accuracy throughout games. One interesting aspect is that it means we can use virtual reality headsets to communicate with one another and maintain "real" eye-contact. You can read more about Tobii on their website.

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