How To Not Celebrate Valentines Day For The Valentines Humbugs!

By Shannon Matthews - February 02, 2018

Whether you are in a relationship or not, there are two types of people. The people that live for valentines day and the people that do not give a f***.

If you're anything like me, you really don't care about valentines day, even when you're happily in a relationship and the whole rigmarole around valentines day makes you feel sick, it's just another way for companies to make money out of people with some tacky cheap and love heart shaped gifts.

Carry On As Normal
It's just another normal day after all, so just carry on as normal and get on with your day to day chores and, you could always get extremely bloated and order a massive take away order either on your own or with your partner and slob out on the sofa.

Go Food Shopping
I don't know about you, but I love to rebel when I am expected to be something and this is exactly why I am anti-valentines day because its the day you're expected to be all lovey-dovey with your S.O. So I look for the most non-romantic things to do and food shopping is most definitely one of them.

Clean The House
Another non-romantic thing would definitely be cleaning the house, stay off your phone and wack on those tunes and get that house cleaned. Avoid all the SICKLY lovey-dovey people of the planet on this ghastly day.

Do Some Work
Stress increaser and libido killer. Yes.

Obviously, you can spend valentines, however, the hell you want but sometimes, it's nice to host post's that go out to the audience that maybe aren't so for the celebration of love.

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