Best Fitness Apps In 2018 - Top 5 Fitness Apps

By Stewart Moore - June 27, 2018

People have kept fit throughout the centuries using a variety of methods and using good apps are in no way a substitute for good, old fashioned hard work and determination but they can be used to enhance the experience, make life a little easier and offer guidance. I've compiled this list of applications that I, at some point of another, have my own experience with. So without further ado, here is my list of the must have fitness apps for Android and iOS.

MyFitnessPal - iOS and Android.

I've spoken about MyFitnessPal before in this post where I actually reviewed the app. MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular apps on these platforms and is second to none when it comes to logging caloric intake. Amongst all its other offerings this is by far the most useful thing the application has to offer. It has most foods imaginable ready to be logged and even offers guidance in relation to how much food you should be consuming in a given day. It does offer the ability to log your workouts however I would use this with caution as MyFitnessPal is notoriously generous when it comes to generating "calories burned" when logging workouts.

Stronglifts - iOS and Android.

Stronglifts is an extremely powerful, simple and popular workout program popularised by Mehdi. Their official website is full of information about its humble beginnings and more information on how and why the program is successful. The app itself is particularly useful as it is designed to perfectly plan and update your workouts day by day, automatically adds weight to your lifts when all sets are complete, has a space to log your body weight and has a "pro" version which has a few extra features such as workout customisation. It's a super simple app to use and a very effective workout routine for building huge amounts of strength and size - particularly useful for beginners.

Freeletics - iOS and Android

The strongest thing about Freeletics is its accessibility. The workouts are all based around body weight movements making this app the perfect companion for people on the road or on holiday. Whether you're looking for overall fitness or whether you're wanting to shed a few pounds of fat there are workouts for everyone, beginner or advanced. The workouts are themed around Greek gods and they're aptly named. Freeletics is one of my personal favourite applications as it offers a challenge every time; including the ability to keep track of your times so you can compete against your old self in order to keep progressing.

Map My Run - iOS and Android

MapMy Run does exactly what it says on the tin - maps your run. It's a cool little application which uses your phones GPS and its onboard maps to quite literally follow you around the area in which you choose to run. I don't know much about running so I'm probably not the best person to rate a running app, that being said, I found it easy to use and it did a good job of tracking my distance and time whilst out on my runs. Another really cool feature is the way in which the app shows you what other people in your area have run and the times they completed it in; this appealed to my competitive side and led to me wanting to try and outrun my neighbours.

Forza - Android

This app is, to the best of my knowledge, only available on Android. This is my go-to workout tracker and has everything you could ever want from a program tracker. Not only does it feature the ability to create your own workouts, track your progress workout by workout but also allows you to see the bigger picture through the use of graphs which show how your weight or a particular lift has moved over time. All this is pretty cool but the coolest thing, in my opinion, is the array of pre-programmed workouts already featured on the application.
Not only does it include StrongLifts 5x5, which I mentioned earlier, but actually works up to more advanced variations such as Bill Starrs 5x5 and it's actually the first place I ever learned about GreySkulls LP which actually became one of my favourite routines for a short while.

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