Simple Skin Care Routine For Men

By Stewart Moore - June 24, 2018

Looking after your skin is as important as looking after your health. Healthy glowing skin stands out and shows that you're a man who takes pride in his appearance - and realises that this stems further than just having a well stocked, colour coded wardrobe. Your skin is the largest organ in your bodies (despite what you might tell the ladies) and it deserves a high level of attention to keep it looking youthful and regenerated.

To get you started we have a basic list of essential must haves:

1. Good quality cleanser/face wash

A good quality face wash is used to remove oil, dirt and pollutants from the face. It should be gentle on the skin to avoid irritation and should leave the skin feeling open and fresh as opposed to dry (dry skin can be caused through cheaper face washes which may contain high levels of alcohol etc).

2. A natural exfoliant

Face scrubs are designed to get a little deeper than your standard face wash. The facial scrub steps in your skin care routine will help to remove dead skin from the face and remove dirt from within your pores. The BullDog skincare range uses many natural ingredients such as green tea, aloe vera and camelina oil to leave your face feeling cared for.

3. A non-greasy moisturiser

Using a moisturiser is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, once you understand the benefits of moisturising your face you won't even think twice about it. Moisturising your skin helps it remain elastic; this means your skin isn't stretched and creased every time you frown or laugh, instead it remains supple. It provides a protective layer against pollutants and it keeps your skin looking youthful and baby faced. Personally, I'm a huge fan of Palmers Cocoa Butter - I don't have any reason for this other than the fact that it smells amazing and it does a great job of deeply moisturising my skin.

With the essential must have face care items out the way. On to the routine itself.

Simple Skin Care Routine For Men

1. Cleanse your face twice a day with a good quality face wash. 

Using a high quality cleanser, or face wash, be sure to clean your face twice a day. That's once in the morning, and once again in the evening. The morning wash will remove any dust and sweat from your face which is accumulated whilst you sleep whilst the evening wash will rid your face of the days pollutants. You don't need to go too deep with this. Once you're in the routine of washing your face on a daily basis you won't have too much build up. 

2. Moisturise your face daily, after cleansing.

Washing your face does a fantastic job of removing dust, dirt and grime from your boat, however, with that, it also removes the oils which your body provides to keep your face fresh and healthy. That's where the moisturiser steps in. Moisturising your face provides it with the hydration it needs to remain supple and youthful. 

3. Use a good quality, natural face scrub twice a week.

Twice a week, say Monday and Thursday, use a good quality face scrub to get a little deeper. This will remove any stubborn dirt, get deep into your pores and remove any dead skin which would otherwise become dry and flaky (not a good look, believe me, I've been there!). 

That's about as complicated as it needs to be. Follow this simple guide and you'll have better skin within weeks. Your own personal skin care routine may differ slightly, and you may find that you need different products to accommodate to your skin type, but the premise remains the same. I find that using "sensitive" products, or products that avoid alcohol and other chemicals, helps my skin remain fresh and hydrated as I tend to have a tendency to develop dry skin. 

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