What Is Amazon Alexa And Why You Should Buy Into It?

By Stewart Moore - June 26, 2018

What is Amazon Alexa?

You may have heard talk of "virtual assistants" being thrown around recently or, you may have seen the future in an old sci-fi movie. Well the future is now. Amazon Alexa is Amazon's answer to virtual assistants. A smart device which does so much more than tell you the time and update your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

The first products released were the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot. The Echo Dot sold like crazy due to the fact that at just £49.99 it was an absolute steal. The Amazon Echo dot, amazingly, allows you to place orders on Just-Eat, stream music from Spotify and Amazon Music, read you your personalised news report and even work on it's own as a stand alone smart alarm - utilising it's inbuilt speaker. One of the more interesting features, and one which is crazily similar to old sci-fi movies, is the ability for the Echo Dot to control smart devices such as dimmers, connected thermostats and even your smartphone.

One of Amazon's more recent products is the Amazon Echo ShowThe amazing, Echo Show allows you to do everything you would with the Echo Dot but with so much more thrown in. You're able to check diary visually, you can use the beautiful screen to monitor your CCTV cameras, use it as a baby monitor and even stream your favourite Amazon Prime TV shows. 

Reasons To Buy Amazon Alexa, Now

Amazon Alexa isn't a product that you need in your life but, you probably want it. We live in a society that's constantly connected. The internet has literally transformed the way we live. Amazon Alexa is there to provide a personal assistant when you need it most. If you're a busy person and you have lot's of meetings to attend and matters to take care of - Alexa is there to update your diary, remind you where you need to be and even take care of your shopping the moment you remember there is something that you need - all much more conveniently than writing a note in your diary (which you left at the office!).

Secondly, this technology is only going to get more advanced. We see the power of artificial intelligence changing and adapting on a yearly basis and the sooner you get behind this new technology and embrace the world in which you're living the sooner you can begin to utilise it to your advantage to make your life simpler, easier and stress free - also, getting home and asking "alexa" to dim the lights and play your favourite music is cool as fuck.

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